Soils and Landscapes for Sustainability

CIAT’s research boosts development of Nicaragua’s livestock sector

To share experiences that will increase the productivity of Nicaragua’s livestock sector and improve the quality and efficiency of the country’s cattle production, the Nicaraguan Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) organized the “First International Congress on Challenges and Opportunities to Increase National Livestock Productivity” in Managua.

Seeing is believing: the impact of soil management

For over a decade, CIAT has tested agronomic and soil management practices in Western Kenya. From minimum tillage to integrated soil fertility management, two trials, established in 2003, are the most comprehensive picture of tropical soil health that we have in...

Africa RISING: Finding solutions to tackle drought

By Lulseged Tamene When farmers in Ethiopia’s Tigray province made a desert bloom again, their efforts inspired hundreds of farmers to do the same, attracting global attention. The experience successful farmers have gained in restoring degraded land is impressive. But...

More tools for Colombian rice producers to face climate challenges by 2030

When talking about agriculture, year 2030 is closer than it seems, especially when rice production is at risk in a country such as Colombia, where only in 2014, 1,758,739 tons were harvested and per-capita consumption reached 39.62 kg a year.
Among the effects associated with climate change, there is changing rainfall patterns and reduced water availability, a natural resource in high demand when growing irrigated rice. This, along with the commitment to reducing 20% of GHG emissions by 2030 that Colombia made during the last Conference of the Parties (COP21) held in Paris in December 2015, make it even more imperative to find alternatives that are sustainable for producers as well as the environment.

Farmers become editors: what next?

We’ve found that participatory videos are a powerful way to include marginalized voices in development discourse. But we know what you’re thinking. What happens next? When we started out, our aim was to include farmers’ voices in land and soil management-related...

Louis Verchot

Louis Verchot

Director, Soils Research Area

This CIAT Blog was launched in January 2016. For articles related to soils prior to this date, visit our former blog. Please note the soils blog is not updated anymore.

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