Sylvia Pineda, a member of the internal communications team at CIAT, visited the Central American regional office in Managua, Nicaragua, on October 16-20. During her visit, topics related to the work carried out by the internal communications team, its achievements, and future prospects for the region were discussed.

What I find most outstanding of this visit is the fact that we are more aware of what internal communication means to CIAT and our team. In addition, we got acquainted with the methods, media, and communication tools that inform us about news, events, and activities in the regions. This is an opportunity for us to work more as a team and report on the activities we are undertaking. If we want to have an impact on external communication, we must have a very good internal communication; if we do not communicate well internally, we won’t be able to sell ourselves to the external world.

Rein van der Hoek

Senior researcher at the tropical forages and sustainable livestock systems area in Central America, CIAT

Over the course of the week, several activities on themes related to corporate-institutional communication were carried out and a schedule was prepared with the person responsible for communications in the region to define the work dynamics.

The activities conducted during the visit included:

  1. Compiling the profile of each team member.
  2. Scientists presented the research projects they are currently working on.
  3. Review of the opportunities for improvement in internal communications.
  4. Presentation of the internal communications outcomes to be generated for the projects being conducted by researchers.
  5. Development of a detailed matrix on the role of media in internal communications at CIAT, as suggested by team members.

The challenge agreed upon by internal communications team with Sylvia’s support, is to grant visibility to the work being carried out in the region, both at the internal and external level.

Moreover, Pineda will be working hand in hand with the communicator from the region for the rest of the year to ensure the visibility the team expects, and they will organize a meeting to create a schedule for 2018.

“Communication is a task for us all”, as Sylvia made it clear while she motivated the whole team during her visit, so that from now on, everyone engages in the internal communications initiatives and ensure greater visibility of projects.

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