Elizabeth Campillo, CIAT information and documentation analyst, recently presented a bibliometric study of CIAT publications from 2012 to 2017. Between this period, a total of 928 articles were published in peer-reviewed journals, representing an average of 155 articles per year.

Number of articles published by research area

CIAT’s research area with the largest participation in publications of articles is AGBIO with a total of 414 articles representing 45% of the total, followed by DAPA with 214 articles and 23%, SOILS with 160 articles and 17% and the CGIAR Program with 60 articles and 6%. Cooperation between research areas is 8% of the total published.


Open Access by Research Area – 2017


Number of publications in journals indexed by ISI Thomson


During the last five years, 84% of articles have been published in journals indexed in ISI Thomson.


Authors with more than 20 articles published between 2012-2017


Get more information on this bibliometric study by consulting the CIAT Research Online newsletters here, or visit the CIAT Learning Commons and ask Elizabeth Campillo (ext 3024 – c.campillo@cgiar.org) (Only available for CIAT staff)


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