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This activity will allow us to make a great contribution to CIAT’s Kindergarten. Our goal is to collaborate in the arrangements of the green spaces and children playground. We are looking to raise as many resources as possible for this and that’s why we have set a minimum contribution of $COP 50,000 per participant, hoping that many of you can exceed this figure. Encourage yourself to participate!

Run for Retoñitos is an initiative that comes from Human Resources and aims to raise funds for the improvement of the facilities of the Kindergarten Retoñitos, specifically the playground.

Retoñitos was created 18 years ago at CIAT. This Kindergarten has seen several generations of children who have enjoyed being closer to their parents while they work at the Center. With the commitment and professionalism of its teachers, Retoñitos has earned a place in the heart of CIAT community.

For this reason, we ask for solidarity and invite all to join this athletic event that will strengthen our health and our integration, at the same time we give a hand to the Kindergarten.

Run for Retoñitos will be held on Saturday, July 13th at 7:00 a.m. The route will go from the fuel station Terpel San Agustín (in front of the detour to Rozo) and will end in CIAT to complete the 10 kilometers. The starting point for 5K option is pending confirmation.

You can also register family or friends but must be sponsored by a CIAT employee.

How to participate?

There are 4 options:

  • Run 10 k.
  • Run 5 k.
  • Give a donation (without running).
  • Volunteer in logistics.

For any of the first three options, the minimum donation is $COP 50,000 … but greater your donation, more resources will be given to the CIAT Children’s Kindergarten.

Make your donation to the AEC C105HM14EI1 under the concept “race” in ITAU Bank. Subsequent to this you must deliver the payment support (until June 20th) in the HR office.

For the fourth option, please contact Jennifer Garcia ( – Ext. 3491).

A pick-up and return route, hydration and snacks will be offered. A t-shirt will also be given. The athletic event will have medical and police support, to ensure the safety of the participants.

Sign up through this link:

More information with: Jennifer García ( – Ext. 3491).

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