By: José Luis Urrea.

The second meeting of the Colombian Forage Network was held on 5–6 September 2018 at the Nataima Research Center located in Espinal, Tolima department, where advances made by the CIAT-Agrosavia project were showcased.

CIAT’s Tropical Forages team showcased their breeding program and briefed participants on the project activities, such as agronomic evaluation of new forage germplasm, identification of forage materials and management practices for adaptation to drought and waterlogging in low and middle tropical regions, and economic assessment of the evaluated materials, among others.

Also, CIAT’s Data and Research Methods team presented a prototype of the Octopus program, developed to follow up on research project data. Octopus is aimed to store and manage all of the information related to the CIAT-Agrosavia project, including documents, data and metadata; its pipeline flow; and standardization and centralization of the data collected under the project framework.

The workshop brought together experts from CIAT and Agrosavia national-level research centers in the fields of agronomy, zootechnics, livestock production, plant breeding, plant physiology, soils, molecular biology, chemistry, and socioeconomics. The first meeting was held in early April this year at the Turipaná research center in Cereté, Córdoba department.

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