In the coming days, HarvestPlus, a global biofortification program led by CIAT and IFPRI is holding a staff retreat at CIAT Headquarters to celebrate achievements and to activate a new Strategic Plan for the program from 2018 to 20122.  This event will bring together 160 representatives from a wide range of professionals from across the world.

This event will carry out activities to design a five-year work plan and strengthen teams in leadership skills, as well as workshops for specific areas, such as communications, nutrition, and breeding. The purpose of such activities is to enable the teams to internalize the new mission, vision, and the organization’s new structure.

CIAT staff are invited to join the opening sessions given by Ruben Echeverria, CIAT Director General and Bev Postma (CEO, HarvestPlus) in the Kellogg Auditorium on Tuesday, May 9, from 8:30-10:00 AM.  We will share a Bluejeans link later next week for facilitating virtual participation.

Christian Zapata, HarvestPlus communications specialist, added that this retreat is an opportunity to “work as a team, know the advances each of us has made at the global level, and take ownership of a message: One program, one team, one HarvestPlus!”

Jorge Mario Quiceno, HarvestPlus administrative analyst, invited all CIAT staff to visit the “Biofortification Showcase,” plots of the biofortified crops being promoted by the project, which is located near the Center’s main entrance and includes biofortified crops such as cassava, maize, rice, and beans.

Please note that participation in other sessions will be by invitation only and HarvestPlus’ direct collaborators will receive invitations to additional sessions. If you would like to see the full agenda of activities being held during the retreat, please click here.

In case you are interested in organizing bilateral meetings with HarvestPlus colleagues, please contact Jorge Mario Quiceno (

Remember that HarvestPlus works to improve nutrition and public health through the development and promotion of biofortified crops with high vitamin and mineral content, by providing global leadership in science-based evidence and biofortification technologies.

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