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Brewing a cassava crop model

CIAT and partner research centers from Vietnam work jointly in a project to develop and test a new simulation model for cassava. The model will facilitate farm-scale decision-making for improved agronomy in South-East Asia and the world.

Publishing Research Data

CIAT like most research institutions generates a lot of research data and would like to publish it. Data publishing involves digital dissemination of research data and supporting information such as metadata, documentation, models, code and unpublished reports in such a way that it is persistently and uniquely identifiable.

Becoming a better facilitator

Constantly, professionals of CIAT’s research and management areas face the challenge of organizing workshops, meetings and gatherings where they aspire to get feedback from their teams, partners or farmers. However, getting people to participate and openly express...

LINK travels with Heifer to Asia and Africa

Building on its success in Central and South America, the collaborative work on value chain development and inclusive business between CIAT and Heifer International has expanded to 13 countries from Asia and Africa—again, in the form of a Learning Cycle around the LINK methodology.

The business of quick-cook beans

When it comes to transforming agriculture in Africa, the need to join forces with the private sector has surfaced again and again in recent times, notably at the Africa Green Revolution Forum in Nairobi last month.

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