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Hans Rosling, an intellectual beacon who also illuminated CIAT

The spotlight of fame shone on Dr. Rosling in 2006, when he presented his first, and legendary TED Talk titled, “The best stats you’ve ever seen,” where, through analytical data, he questions the myths around developing countries. But Rosling was already recognized in the scientific world much earlier for his studies of cassava toxicity and food security in Africa. This brought him to CIAT in the early 1990s.

All you need is love… and water

If you were lucky enough to receive roses this Valentine’s Day, they could well have come from Kenya. Within 24 hours of being cut, millions of roses, like these grown on the banks of the Tana River watershed were whisked off to lovers this week, mostly in Europe.

Tropical grasses: feed and plumber

The pastures that cattle graze also act as their “toilets”. This is because, as cattle eat grass, they periodically urinate and, therefore, randomly deposit urine on the soil surface. Once in the soil, the deposited urine results in the creation of patches that are generally characterized by high concentrations of nitrogen.

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