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Join the internal activities to celebrate CIAT’s 50th anniversary

Fifty years of CIAT. Five decades of collective enthusiasm to improve farmers’ livelihoods and food security in the tropics. Everyone ...

An Altmetric milestone

CIAT's 2016 publication Origins of food crops connect countries worldwide has hit a major Altmetric milestone! It has become the ...
Foto por Georgina Smith. CIAT.

Hans Rosling, an intellectual beacon who also illuminated CIAT

The spotlight of fame shone on Dr. Rosling in 2006, when he presented his first, and legendary TED Talk titled, ...

CIAT Research Online Newsletter

Please enjoy a copy of our December edition of Your CIAT Research Online. Subscribe here to receive the next issue ...

Publishing Research Data

CIAT like most research institutions generates a lot of research data and would like to publish it. Data publishing involves ...

Becoming a better facilitator

Constantly, professionals of CIAT’s research and management areas face the challenge of organizing workshops, meetings and gatherings where they aspire ...

Predatory journals and how to avoid them

At CIAT, we recommend the following steps when identifying a publisher for your work ...

Tracking your publications

Two principal rules apply when sharing your work online ...

About Data, Information and Knowledge at CIAT

CIAT advances data, information, and knowledge management by the implementation of the CGIAR Open Access and Open Data policy, efficient management and update of its information and data repositories, and introduction of participatory methods to foster knowledge sharing (inside and outside CIAT).


Simone Staiger

Simone Staiger

Leader, Data, Information and Knowledge

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