Ecosystem Action

CIAT Annual Report 2015-2016 is out!

We build the fundamentals of sustainable food futures The world has never produced or consumed so much food. We cannot, however, ignore the pressure that food production is putting on the environment and the ecosystem services we all depend on. We cannot ignore either...

An eye on deforestation: Terra-i goes to Asia

Terra-i - the tracking database which flags deforestation - is going to Asia. The online mapping tool has checked the pulse of habitat health in Latin America since 2012, transforming real-time data every two months into habitat-change maps. Now, it will do the same...

About Ecosystem Action

We all depend on complex forces of nature to provide soil, water and pollinators to help us produce food. CIAT is working to help conserve the integrity of these vital ecosystem services, and give them the recognition and, where necessary, the protection they require.


Marcela Quintero

Marcela Quintero

Theme Leader, Ecosystem Services, Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area

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