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Our land is wise: it will treat us the way we treat it

18th WOCAT Networking Meeting ‒ Promoting Sustainable Land Management and Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals Seventy percent of the world's available water resources are being used in agriculture, while 43% of degradation worldwide is caused by overgrazing....

The Great CIAT 50 Reunion, a celebration of the past to strengthen the future

“All of you here have built CIAT’S future.” This was the message that Joe Tohme, director of CIAT’s agrobiodiversity area, gave to the 500 former employees who came to the Center on June 9 to celebrate the Great Reunion, as part of the celebration of CIAT’s fiftieth anniversary, an event which, without a doubt, was magical, thanks to the enthusiasm and affection that the participants showed for an organization that allowed them to reach professional and personal goals.

Living soils and some surprising results

By Job Kihara, Peter Bolo, Michael Kinyua, John Mukalama, Rolf Sommer, and Andrew Margenot.   “Where farmyard manure has been added, there is living soil. But the soil is dead where there is only mineral fertilizer application”. This statement by Erest Omulama, a...

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