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What is the place of ‘resilience’ in the New Urban Agenda?

The New Urban Agenda adopted by the UN General Assembly on 23 December 2016 is centered on sustainability and equity. The vision of the declaration is one of ‘cities for all, referring to the equal use and enjoyment of cities and human settlements, seeking to promote inclusivity (…) [and] where all persons are able to enjoy equal rights and opportunities’.

How diverse is the global diet?

When we published about the increasing homogeneity in global food supplies, we hadn’t yet found a good way to make the underlying national level data readily visible to interested readers. This is why the publication of our new Changing Global Diet website is exciting. It provides interactive visuals for 152 countries over the past 50 years. We that hope you enjoy your investigations through time. Perhaps you can tell us where you think the changing global diet is headed.

Agro-climatic forecasts to the rescue…

In 2016, researchers at CIAT began working on the Climate Services for Resilient Development- Colombia project, funded by USAID, under its Climate Services for Resilient Development (CS4RD) program, and again with CCAFS’ support.

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