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CIAT guest editor of the KM4Dev journal on ‘Open research, open data, and your development organization’

CIAT with lead guest editor Megan Zandstra coordinated the Volume 13, Issue 2 of the KM4Dev Journal on ‘Open research, open data, and your development organization: best practices in information and data management for development’. Guest Editors were Megan Zandstra, Simone Staiger-Rivas, Leroy Mwanzia, Abby Clobridge, Iryna Kuchma, Abraham Azubuike, Michelle Willmers and Nilam Prasai.

Our land is wise: it will treat us the way we treat it

18th WOCAT Networking Meeting ‒ Promoting Sustainable Land Management and Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals Seventy percent of the world's available water resources are being used in agriculture, while 43% of degradation worldwide is caused by overgrazing....

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