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“Communication is a task for us all”

Sylvia Pineda, a member of the internal communications team at CIAT, visited the Central American regional office in Managua, Nicaragua, on October 16-20. During her visit, topics related to the work carried out by the internal communications team, its achievements, and future prospects for the region were discussed.

Strength in diversity: How cassava intercropping benefits the crops, the farmer, and the environment

The just-published journal article, On-farm diversity offsets environmental pressures in tropical agro-ecosystems: A synthetic review for cassava-based systems, concludes that intercropping cassava with maize, other crops belonging to the grass family, grain legumes, or trees, provides largely positive effects on various key ecosystem services, and can help strike a balance between farm-level productivity, crop resilience, and environmental health.

The vision for a deforestation-free Amazon

The Amazon Vision Program, an initiative of the Colombian government, with the support of the Governments of Norway, United Kingdom and Germany, seeks to promote a new model of development in the Amazon that will improve the living conditions of its inhabitants through productive alternatives that do not cause deforestation to the already battered forest.

Yet another Annual Program Review, but a goood One!

Making the annual gathering work for my CIAT colleagues has been one of my motivations for many years. The collaboration with Maya Rajasekharan, CIAT’s Head of research management on what we call the APR has been mostly fruitful. This year however, we made a splash.   “This was the best APR ever” were the words that many chose to thank us.

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