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Agro-climatic forecasts to the rescue…

In 2016, researchers at CIAT began working on the Climate Services for Resilient Development- Colombia project, funded by USAID, under its Climate Services for Resilient Development (CS4RD) program, and again with CCAFS’ support.

Five surprising ways people’s diets have changed over the past 50 years

Newly released interactive infographics show how the so-called “globalized diet” has emerged. They unearth a number of surprises about the foods we eat across the world. Who’d have thought that Cameroonians officially consume the greatest variety of food crops, or that the global average diet looks a lot like what Cape Verdeans eat every day? These are just some of the nuggets you can explore in a new interactive website on the status and trends of the global diet.

Redrawing the world’s peat maps

A new study published in Global Change Biology shows that tropical peatlands are much more extensive than previously thought. The study started by estimating total tropical and subtropical wetlands and the new estimate reaches 4.7 million km2. Several other studies...

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