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State of Research Data Management at CIAT

CIAT has made great strides over the years in the management of research data and is one of the institutions taking the lead in data innovations around agriculture.  CIAT co-leads the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture and has just hosted, in September 2017,...

Multi-stakeholder efforts blend into one national coffee and climate change strategy in Vietnam

Representatives from both public and private sectors lament that water-related challenges, including those that later affect the quality of coffee, are the biggest threats to Vietnam’s coffee industry, which fulfils approximately 40 percent of global Robusta demand. As if that weren’t bad enough, the industry is facing a new threat related to pests and diseases.

Lessons from field day in Tanzania

More than 300 farmers, companies, extension agents and media attended a field day at the Agriculture Seed Agency (ASA) seed farm at Ngaramtoni in Arusha, Tanzania, to raise awareness among smallholder farmer about the value of planting improved bean varieties....

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