Climate-Smart Agriculture

CIAT directly engages with the European Cocoa Industry

CIAT researcher tells Cocoa industry actors “This is climate change: it is not the weather that is bad, but your expectations. You are maladapted to the new reality. You are no longer sourcing or producing in the optimal regions or using suitable production systems” at the European Cocoa Forum held on 15 and 16 September 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

CIAT’s research boosts development of Nicaragua’s livestock sector

To share experiences that will increase the productivity of Nicaragua’s livestock sector and improve the quality and efficiency of the country’s cattle production, the Nicaraguan Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) organized the “First International Congress on Challenges and Opportunities to Increase National Livestock Productivity” in Managua.

Does no news mean good news for Central American cacao?

No news is good news they say. According to the online Cambridge dictionary it is used “to make someone feel less worried when they have not received information about someone or something, because if something bad had happened, they would have been told about it”: We...

Bean power: Finger on the pulse of a drought-resilient future

Against a hilly backdrop, Daud Bukuku examines a handful of brown beans from a large basket. The open fields behind him have just been harvested: his plot is freshly harvested. But he’s lucky to have had a harvest at all – the beans he proudly shows us didn’t crop up for everyone.

Big data, the key for tomorrow´s agriculture

“There is no greater feeling than being at the right time at the right place to dare outline the trends of the future agriculture that we need to start strengthening as of today,” said Daniel Jiménez, CIAT’s Data and agronomy scientist, to define his experience participating in the Information and Communication Technology for Agriculture (ICTforAg 2016) Conference carried out in Washington D.C.

About Climate-Smart Agriculture

Agriculture accounts for over a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, in some countries even more. But as well as being a big contributor to climate change, agriculture can also be a major part of the solution. CIAT is helping shape a farming future that is cleaner, greener, more productive and more resilient.


Andreea Nowak

Andreea Nowak

Environmental Policy Specialist (Research Fellow). 

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